Heuristics and Search for Domain-independent Planning (HSDIP 2023)

ICAPS'23 Workshop
Prague, Czech Republic
July 9-10, 2023

Aim and Scope of the Workshop

Heuristics and search algorithms are the two key components of heuristic search, one of the main approaches to many variations of domain-independent planning, including classical planning, temporal planning, planning under uncertainty and adversarial planning. This workshop seeks to understand the underlying principles of current heuristics and search methods, their limitations, ways for overcoming those limitations, as well as the synergy between heuristics and search.

The HSDIP workshop has always been welcoming of multidisciplinary work, for example, drawing inspiration from operations research (like row and column generation algorithms), convex optimization (like gradient optimization for hybrid planning), constraint programming, or satisfiability.

The workshop is meant to be an open and inclusive forum, and we encourage papers that report on work in progress or that do not fit the mold of a typical conference paper. Non-trivial negative results are welcome to the workshop, but we expect the authors to argue for the significance of the presented results.

Topics of Interest

Examples of typical topics for submissions to this workshop are:

  • automatic derivation of heuristic estimators for domain-independent planning
  • formal results showing equivalence or dominance between heuristics
  • novel heuristic methods dealing with planning with numeric variables and effects, partial observability and non-deterministic action effects
  • heuristic estimators for domain-independent planning via procedures or suitably defined encodings of declarative descriptions of planning tasks into Satisfiability or Optimisation
  • novel search techniques for domain-independent planning that explicitly aim at exploiting effectively the properties of existing heuristics
  • empirical observations of synergies between heuristics and search in domain-independent planning
  • challenging domains for existing combinations of heuristics and search algorithms
  • applications of machine learning in heuristic search, e.g., learning heuristics, adaptive search strategies, or heuristic selection
  • interesting algorithmic optimizations for the calculation of a heuristic or the execution of a search

Important Dates

Submission deadline:
31 March 2023 (UTC-12 timezone)

Open discussion:
20-27 April 2023

5 May 2023

09/10 July 2023

Submission Details

Please format submissions in AAAI style (see instructions in the Author Kit at https://www.aaai.org/Publications/Templates/AuthorKit23.zip) and keep them to at most 9 pages including references. Authors considering submitting to the workshop papers rejected from the main conference, please ensure you do your utmost to address the comments given by ICAPS reviewers. Please do not submit papers that are already accepted for the main conference to the workshop.

Submissions will be made through OpenReview:


The following conditions apply:

  • Submissions will be double blind in general and single blind to the area chair.
  • The submitted papers, reviews and discussion between authors and reviewers will be public, and all anonymous.
  • Discussions between reviewers and organizers will be private.

Every submission will be reviewed by a member of the organizing committee, and/or external reviewers selected by the organizing committee, according to the usual criteria such as relevance to the workshop, significance of the contribution, and technical quality. There will be a brief discussion phase where author and reviewers can interactively engage and discuss the submission and the reviews.

At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop in order to present the paper.

Policy on Previously Published Materials

Submissions sent to other conferences are allowed. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that those venues allow for papers submitted to be already published in “informal” ways (e.g. on proceedings or websites without associated ISSN/ISBN). In particular, we welcome submissions sent to the IJCAI conference.

Workshop Committee

Organizing Committee

Clemens Büchner, University of Basel, Switzerland
Daniel Gnad, Linköping University, Sweden
Thorsten Klößner, Saarland University, Germany
Sofia Lemons, Earlham College, Indiana, USA

Contact: hsdip@googlegroups.com